I Have aged 20 years as my child wanders out of Gym child care...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

So, me being the sporty mama that I am actually thought I could burn some fat from this old behind of mine yesterday. We havea fairly new rec center and my 11 year old loves to go to their water area. I on the other hand, would not be caught DEAD or alive in a suit so I thought I would use this opportunity to work out while 11 y.o. played in the water adn the 3 y.o utilized teh paid babysitting.
I went in and paid my fee to get in, then another fee for the babysitting. I am doing good , working up a sweat and at th 1/2 hour mark decided to jsut go peek and make sure the 3 Y.O was doing ok, There were a lot of kids his age but I was concerned about the infants in there and wanted to amek sure he was not too rambunctious. he has never had child care other than family.I peek in and it is very calm and serene. 1 worker rocking a baby the other doing some paperwork.The one doing the paperwork turns around and I smile. She smiles then starts looking around the room, her smile fades as she starts looking behind counters and inside toyboxes. She comes to me frantically" I dont know where he is, I dont know where your son is" . I was astonished at first. This room was not a large room by far and really no way a child could get out of your sight in this room. She says' He was jsut so quiet and then it got really hectic for a minute as there were multiple parents picking up kids and then a little girl vomited, I am so sorry this has never happened before" , Me still in a daze turn and look at the floors of rooms and the multitude of people and take off at a sprint.After searching fora good 10 minutes, I glance over where the rock climbing wall is anad there is a tube that runs from the top floor of the building to the ground floor. I see lots of tall people, knees and legs and then a short set of legs parts through. I run to him and look him over, unsure of how long he has been on his own in this place and start asking questions. Luckily he was unhurt and aside from a few rides on the elevator and who knows what else he was just fine.I on the other hand need some valium and a stiff drink. After the fact I found out this is the same place that no more than 6 months ago a 7 year old was assaulted in the mens restrooms by another man and chills ran down my spine. I guess this was my sign from the man above that I am not meant to work out or maybe that I need to be aware more or something but believe me not, I will never leave my child in the care of anyone but family again. I am seriously considering opting our of School LOL. If I live long enough to make that decision.
When I found out I was pregnant at 39 with this guy, I did not think ahead to all of those moments that take your breath away , Literally , and Now wonder if My heart will hold out for the next 16 years! I havent even decided what sort of action to take today. I do know that something needs to be said/done but I am trying to stay level-headed. This facility is run by the county and the employees are paid employees. They have a list of things you need to fill out and agree to before dropping your child off. The woman in charge was very much shaken but, I still wonder how many times this has really happened.

I am re-thinking this whole over 40 toddler parenting and I think I want a little time to think this over

My Little re-do Makeover from the thrift store Metamorphisis Monday

Friday, September 11, 2009

Finally remembered to post a Metamorphisis Monday.. Not a Big one but Hey it is something!Go check out all of the others at http://betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com

Isnt she a beaut!?

I bought this little stool/chair at the thrift store a few days ago but I wasnt feeling the orangey yellow faded out set and its bright chrome that will not go with anything I have.
SO....This little Lovely got a quickie makeover.

All I had to do was bend back some prongs (4) On the bottom and use a screwdriver to remove the top seat.

I then lightly sanded it of all dirt and yuckies. I took it to the yard and gave all of the chrome a coat of Black rustoleum. I had some cool fabric I wanted to use, A Black with Gold , perfect for the Job! Made a template around the seat, and cut the fabric. I just left the old orange covering on and went right over it. It was clean and was really attached very well.

I sprayed the edges of fabric and seat where I wanted the fabric to attach with Spray adhesive but I any thick like glue would work I am sure. Just more holding as there are no areas that you can staple.
Waited for it to dry .... Voila'.. Instant new stool/chair. Since I am only 5'3 I need a stool everywhere but HATE HATE dragging little stepstools around, this I can pull over with my foot, climb up, down and have a somewhat comfy seat for peeling potatoes :-) Easy peasy Lemon squeezy.

Now I jsut need new rubber caps to go on the legs, It was missing 2 when I bought it.

I hope to be doing more, We are remodeling our kitchen and will have it done witin the MONTH!

Places in the Heart and MOVIE night (day)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Since we are all healing this weekend from either one thing or another I chose today for Movie night . Movie night spanned the whole day.
We set up camp in a darkened room with stacks of movies and DVD's. We of course had to start with Cars. My 3 year old could watch this movie over and over again.
Then onto Wall-e which held his attention a little less but , I didnt mind so much.
Then we had to watch cars again.
Next from one of my picks was fireproof. Kind of cheesy acting but the storyline was good and held my attention.I had been meaning to watch this all the way through for a while and while we had to pause it and rewind a few times for food breaks I finally finished it. Then we watched camp Rock for the 546,677 th time it appeased my daughter.
We ended with Places in the Heart. I had seen this before years and years ago. It is the story of a widow who tries to run a farm and raise 2 young children. It has the obligatory Bank man who you hate throughout the movie . Moses or MOZE, played by Danny Glover is her savior and helps her through many trials. Although the "N" word is still offensive to me when I hear it , it is suitable for older kids who know better than to repeat the forbidden words.
There are 2 down now and 3 to go but I do think my movie watching is finally at it end.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

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I did not know 11 year old Child could have shingles

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I am flabbergasted. Youngest daughter had what looked like a bug bite just below her tailbone about a week ago. I thought she had gotten bitten or something at the Waterslide and jsut told her to give it a chance to go away. Well as the days progressed the bug bite flattened out and started looking like a bunch of flat blisters. By the time she arrived home from school it had spread in sort of an arc on her left side right down the buttock and down the back of her leg.
I thought it might be staph and we went to the doctor today. She said shingles as soon as she seen it. She gave us a prescription for acyclovir and she has to take 4 pills every 3 hours. ! It is a handful of pills too. It is still spreading and is very painful. School just started yesterday and already she has to miss school. Ugh, She prides herself on getting awards for perfect attendance and now she is already absent!
In case you dont know what shingles is I will link it but in a nutshell it is the chicken pox ( herpes zoster) virus that usually lies dormant in people who have had chicken pox. Doctors are not sure why but in some people it becomes active again and results in shingles. It is on one side of the body following the path of the affected nerve. It is very painful and itches like crazy. They say people who acquired chicken pox before turning one were at higher risk as well as people with low immunities and stress can also bring it on.
Here is hoping that she can feel better and doesnt have it for as long as some I ahev seen. Some have had the rash for over 3 months and the pain in the affected nerve can last years almost debilitating.
From the way she describes it, You feel pain and tingling sensation over and down the nerve days before a rash is noticed. Then it gets painful and itchy and she just feels really crappy. I will post back later on her progress . She is zonked out for the night. Poor kiddo

Not real sure how I feel about this.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yesterday I was in the town near me doing my final school preparations. One side of the road there is a strip mall and the other side is a super Wal-mart.
I see a bunch of kids right at the entrances with big signs. I thought they were probably advertising a carwash or something. there were probably 6 kids with big signs.
1 read Please Buy Local the other was Keep your money at home, then there were 3 that said "help our mommy keep our home"
Ok, so I feel really really bad for any families that are going through any sort of financial troubles and I do try to buy local when it is possible. What I am not totally comfortable with is
1- these are kids and even though they are having financial troubles I dont think putting it out there like that is doing a service to the,. Why would you want your children to worry about this and add more stress to their already stressful lives.
2- I did not see any adults out there , I mean why embarass your kids by putting them out there with signs like that.
3- a continuance of the above. As much as it pulls at your heart strings ( and I am sure the parents thought of this as well hence the reason they used kids for the deed) I know my kids would be ridiculed and made fun of for this and would never forgive me when one of their school mates brought up the fact that they seen them talking about losing their home in front of Walmart. I really just dont see the reason why you would put a child through this.
4- My thoughts are that this person whomever it may be ( an if it is you , my heart goes out to you but come on..) Needs to go back to business school. Since when did this tactic work. This is not far off from the homeless people that are at every exit asking for just 1 dollar for a meal.
I am having a hard time with this because I do have a heart and have kids and have been broke, and I mean BROKE. When my husband and I split up he paid not 1 dime of child support . I went back to work , lived in a trailer and my kids were plunged into an entirely new life. The luxuries they had before like FOOD, dental care and all that jazz that we take for granted was gone. Some of the sadder times were when we had to go to the food pantry for food after not doing so for the first 3 months.
My youngest was 7 at the time and she was in HEAVEN, we were down to not much at all in the cupboards and were at a point that I would lie tell family that I ad to work jsut so they would watch the kids sicne I KNEW they would eat while they were there., My youngest came in 1 day wanting a box of cookies ( from the food pantrys day old bakery shelf) I let her and her friends take some ou as I thought they could have a little picnic. They were gone for a while and she came back, Said I have a surprise for you mommy. She pulls out like 6 dollars from her back pocket, I asked where she got it. She had gone through the neighborhood selling cookies for a dollar, the reason,so we could pay our electricity bill :-( I had no idea she knew wnything about our troubles other than we had to move and would have to watch our pennies. This was at Christmas time too and luckily I had Christmas bought so they would have that.
It was a bad time in our live and it was not the best but when I told them all we were moving back with their dad they were mad, They wanted usto stay in that tiny 2 bed 2 bath trailer in a trailer park rather than go back, . I made it on 1000 a month while it wasnt a lot it still paid the bills and I cared for my kids,

More on thie later.

I will never trust an ATM at the Mall again (Shudder)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So, today I run in the mall to catch up with the kids and thrown them their money so we can get the hookie out of the place and get onto some good stuff... Like thrift store shopping.
This atm has a slider thing that you slide the card through instead of sticking the card in and then machine sucks it in. This one you slide the card and you still ahve it. All went well, I head my 200 dollars shuffle into the tray looked at screen , it says PLEASE REMOVE YOUR CARD.. Uhh,, I removed it already it is already in my purse. Keeps sayign that and not giving me my money that I HEARD shuffle into the little drawer.Over and over again Please remove your card, I take my card out thinking Maybe I need to unfreeze it so I slide again. Nothing. Now I am pissed cuz I know someone is going to get my money. Grab my phone to call the number on the machine. Phone is DEAD, so I have to leave my machine and RUN about a block to my son to get his phone but I dont want to leave the ATM in case someone else comes along , you know and gets my money that it wont give to me. So I get back to the machine and another guy is using it, I run up and ask him if it is working , he says no, it keeps saying please remove your card. UGHHH , now mine and his is trapped in that damn little drawer. I call the number tell her the sitch. SHe says All I can do is dispute it on you account ( the money did come out of my account , just not into my hands). Uggh. may take 10 days to 2 weeks. UGH. the poor guy behind me had done a transaction that only left him with 4.00 in his account. He is startgin to cuss now and it is like we are a team, We are both mad and saying not so nice things about this stupid ATM she is blabbering off on the phone about all of the stuff and reading me off numbers and I am telling her how stupid it is and couldnt someone come down her and just get us our money being held captive in this blasted machine. Then just liek that she says , Oh, I see it jsut credited it back to your account. Oh,thank you . goodbye and GOOD RIDDANCE you thieving ATM machine.
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